Act Now to Get a Stunning Florida Property and Live Your Dream

Millions of Canadians visit Florida each year to take advantage of the temperate climate and beauty of the state. Accommodations like hotels and other short term rental properties are not cost effective and don’t allow for the amenities and conveniences of home.  Florida Home Finders of Canada is offering Canadians free seminars and professional advice on how to purchase foreclosure priced properties.  In addition, we offer seminars and advice on sourcing and purchasing cash flow positive properties in Florida available for purchase as a source of income.

The Florida real estate market has made a tremendous recovery over the past few years, and continues to grow rapidly.  As local buyers re-enter the market and use up inventory, prices are on the rise.  Now is the time for Canadians to break into the market – not only are the properties at foreclosure pricing, but with the market in full correction mode, you can watch your investment grow.  It is important to keep in mind that for investment properties, you will be receiving your monthly cheques in U.S. dollars, which is an added bonus!

Florida Home Finders of Canada is a real estate brokerage firm specializing in selling second homes and income generating properties in Florida to our Canadian clients at foreclosure prices. Through our free educational seminars, we also help educate and keep our clients informed on real estate conditions in Florida.  Since 1989 we have been helping Canadians realize their dream of owning a property in Florida.

There is no better time to purchase real estate in Florida.  Foreclosure pricing means a large savings, often up to 60% off market pricing. This pricing will not stay at this level much longer and FHFC is urging our valued clients to take advantage of these once in a lifetime foreclosure prices now.

Florida Home Finders is a registered Canadian company, serving Toronto and Southern Ontario since 1989. Attend one of our informative seminars in Toronto and Southern Ontario and learn how you can own your dream property in beautiful Florida!