Burden of the Falling Loonie is Negated by Low Interest Rates and Foreclosure Pricing

It is reasonable for Canadians who are looking at Florida real estate to be concerned about the falling Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar.  Importantly, there are a few reasons why the falling loonie is not something to stop you from buying your dream Florida property. Since financing rates are still historically low, now is simply the best time to buy.  Once the Canadian dollar rises again, you can pay off your mortgage with a higher dollar.  Additionally, with Florida Home Finders of Canada, we are offering amazing foreclosure priced properties that negate the falling dollar.  There are many reasons to go ahead and purchase the Florida property of your dreams now.  Florida Home Finders of Canada (FHFC) is a full service real estate brokerage firm that serves our Canadian clients exclusively. We can help you find the best deals on Florida foreclosure priced properties or cash flow positive properties, to get you into your dream home as soon as possible.

Another way to combat the falling loonie is to use Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange when converting your Canadian dollars to US.  Knightsbridge charges lower fees than banks and can save you thousands when purchasing your Florida property.  Combined with the great foreclosure pricing and the all-time low interest rates, this is surely the time for you to invest in a Florida property with FHFC.

Each one of our properties is thoroughly inspected to ensure the property matches our high standards.  We offer great prices on fabulous properties in quality Florida neighbourhoods.  Our properties are foreclosure priced, but never in foreclosure. We would never subject our valued clients to financial risk and will work hard to ensure your purchase is not only seamless, but the best deal found in the industry.

Speak to our team at FHFC or attend one of our free information sessions to learn all you can about the Florida real estate market and what you need to know to purchase the Florida property of your dreams.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a vacation home or a retirement property, Florida Home Finders of Canada can help.  FHFC has been serving our valued Canadian clients since 1989, helping them find the Florida property of their dreams, and we look forward to many more years of successfully working with our Canadian clients in the Florida real estate market.