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Customer Testimonials

We still can't believe we did it. After all these years we now own a piece of Paradise. We would like to thank you for all you have done for us. We have also sent a huge thank you to Linda as well. You two have shown great patience and promptness with any and all of our concerns and questions. It really was a lot simpler than we thought it would be. Thank you again for all you have done.
Peter/Suzy Tays, Ontario


I am about to close on my condo in Naples. Brandy has been very helpful. I appreciate her doing all the running around for me. ( I bought sight unseen) Florida Home Finders have been extremely co-operative and displayed a great deal of patience with me and my none ending questions. Thank you and looking forward to my new purchase.
Dave, Markham, Ontario


Life in Florida (esp. West Palm Beach) is beautiful and heavenly. The condo we purchased at the Cypress Trail location has turned out to be a boon. In our backyard we have a small "National Park". We see "Alligators, turtles and birds" in their natural habitat in their resting mode most of the time. Sometimes we see some birds trying to gulp down the fish they have caught. These are very fascinating sights. We sit in the patio and watch the animal life and their activities. We do not have to go to another national park. This is an added bonus for us. We had not expected to see such natural beauty on a daily basis. It is like sitting in the patio and watching a movie unfold in slow motion. All the best,
Shiraz Dinani, Toronto, Ontario


I am over the moon, I bought in Fort Myers. I never imagined that our family would have the means to own a vacation home. It is tenanted, and we'll likely start using it in a couple of years. Thank you so much.
Peggy, Toronto, Ontario

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