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Customer Testimonials

FHFC, Much appreciation to you for your help in taking the time to answer our questions and played a great part in helping us choose Bella Casa. We feel good about this and I know you will be there to help us through the closing. I can tell you this much you are very reliable and if I ask the same question a million time you take the time to answer in such detail every time (smile).
Novlette, Toronto, Ontario


I recently completed a purchase in Sarasota in Florida. I wanted to forward my sincere thank you to Florida Home Finders of Canada, in particular Rob Supczak of FHFC for his stellar expertise and guidance.

I attended a seminar earlier in the year, held by FHFC. From that point, each and every step of finding the property that suited my needs, was done in conjunction with Rob of FHFC, who was readily available to answer any questions, put me in touch with the right people, book my appointments on properties I wanted to view, assist with taxation, insurance, and wiring of money. The relationship they established with the Property Management Company was evident in my next steps of finalizing my purchase, acquiring a tenant, and having property management in place to handle the day to day tasks. The communication of each individual I have dealt with was beyond my expectations. I would strongly recommend anyone wishing to purchase property in Florida to contact Florida Home Finders of Canada. The process is enjoyable and seamless, and if I had managed completely on my own it would have been extremely complex.

Sincere thanks again to all that partook in my journey of ownership in Florida.
Paula Simiele, Toronto, Ontario


My husband and I were looking for an investment opportunity. We went to a Seminar in Woodbridge Ontario with Florida Home Finders. We are Canadians with no experience buying in the US. We got very interested in a project they offer in Florida. Once we decided to go buy, FHFC provided us a clear road map of the entire process and kindly guided us through it. All our questions were answered on time. The trust was built. Now we are happy owners with a very pleasant experience.
Carlos Jaramillo & Liliana Hurtado , Maple, Ontario


FHFC is the best way to purchase a property in Florida….without a doubt.
I recently purchased after months of research on the internet, attending other presentations and read numerous articles from newspapers and books. After all my research the FHFC presentation was the best and made the choice so much easier. While I was prepared to go on my own extra care and attention is required to know and understand the USA real estate process. FHFC made my decision to go to check out the real estate market in Florida very comfortable. Everything ran very smoothly and I learned a lot. There are many amazing choices in numerous communities. FHFC have done all the upfront work to ensure the communities are financially stable and well managed. In the end, I purchased in Naples as that was the best choice for me. I am now looking into a second property with a friend as the investment opportunities are fabulous.
David Lloyd, Pickering, Ontario


I had been looking to invest in Florida real estate for some time. I attended a glitzy 3 day seminar to purchase foreclosed properties. I felt cheated and ripped off. Then I went to a 2 hour presentation by Florida Home Finders of Canada and then it made sense. With their assistance I am now the proud owner of 2 condos in Orlando!
Bob Male, Hamilton, Ontario

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