Foreclosure Pricing Turns Florida Home Ownership from a Dream into Reality

If you have ever traveled to Florida, you know why many Canadians flock to the beautiful beaches there every year.  From the warmth, the sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees, many Canadians call Florida home for a good part of our winter and many also visit for shorter term vacations to get away from the harsh Canadian winters.  There is nothing as good for us as leaving behind sub-zero temperatures and arriving in sunshine and warmth for a short or extended stay.  At Florida Home Finders of Canada (FHFC), we exclusively serve our Canadian clients by offering all housing types at amazingly low foreclosure pricing.  If you have ever dreamed of owning a Florida property, FHFC can turn that dream into a reality.

Florida Home Finders of Canada is a full service real estate brokerage firm serving Canadian clients exclusively, and helping them find the best Florida property to meet their needs.  The Florida real estate market is on an upswing now, but pricing is still extremely discounted, making now the time to make a purchase for your future.  Not only is our pricing equivalent to foreclosure pricing, but we also offer cash flow positive investment properties where you can watch your money grow!  Importantly, we do not offer homes that have been foreclosed upon – we are able to find the best deals in the Sunshine State and match foreclosure pricing.  All deeds to homes are turned over to the new owner within 30 days and closings can be quite quick if required.

Why rent when you can own the Florida property of your dream?  Many Canadians feel Florida home ownership is out of their reach financially, but FHFC is here to say it is not.  With prices far lower than any Toronto real estate, you can make Florida your second home base, using it for retirement purposes, family vacations, or as extra income by renting out your property.  There are so many advantages of Florida home ownership over renting!  Learn about the Florida real estate market, the types of homes we list and why you should let FHFC help you find the Florida property of your dreams.

At FHFC, we have a team of expert realtors who have been helping Canadian families make their dream of Florida home ownership come true for a price they can afford.  Why suffer through freezing cold winters or rent other people’s homes when you can own your very own Florida property.  We have been serving our valued clients in Toronto and Southern Ontario for over 26 years, and take great pride in our longevity, value and customer service.