Not everyone will...will you?



2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for sales for Florida Home Finders of Canada and we are both honoured and very thankful for those of you who have had the foresight to make a purchase in Florida through us.

At FHFC we believe that there are many reasons for the huge increase in sales volume this year, namely;

  • Amazing communities that FHFC has to offer
  • Professional Guidance from the Highly Trained FHFC Staff
  • Prices reduced by up to 65%
  • Income Generating Properties with Property Management in place
  • Exclusive Fly & Buy Credits at most FHFC Represented communities
  • There are No Fees for our Services
  • High Canadian Dollar
  • Low Interest Rates

This update speaks to those of you who are considering purchasing a second home or an income generating property in Florida but have not yet done so. If you are reading this letter than you are part of the FHFC community which is now in the 10's of thousands of Canadians just like yourself and growing daily. As a registered member, you are amongst the first to learn about any new communities in the Sunshine State that Florida Home Finders has found, thoroughly inspected and where we believe the values are exceptional.

What FHFC is currently experiencing in Florida is twofold. First, the inventory in good communities is shrinking. Secondly, prices are starting to climb. Desperation is rapidly evaporating in the real estate market and local buyers are poised to join the thousands of Canadians who are buying properties at ridiculously low prices in the State. There are still great deals to be had in Florida if you don't delay. FHFC has a team on the ground in Florida and are constantly working to find the best valued communities to represent to our many Canadian clients.

Gary Keller, a US Real Estate professional wrote a book called "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor". In this book he talks about the fear of investing. He states that, "Money lives on the other side of fear. Fear keeps us from getting what we want, especially in matters of money. All of us can look at our lives and count the times when fear stepped in, prevented us from taking action, and cost us a precious financial opportunity." At FHFC we agree with Gary's statement and feel strongly that we are all in a moment in time that may never come again for many of us and should not be missed. You cannot let fear prevent you from purchasing at this time as we believe that you will regret it later if you don't act now.

Gary goes on to state that "Just like a river of water, fear can be bridged. Fear is only as big or as wide as you allow it to be. And as is often the case, once you've crossed that river of fear and experienced the wonders on the other side, you look back and question why you were ever afraid. But here's the catch: The only people who actually know this are those who have crossed that river and are standing on the other side." Seize this once in a lifetime opportunity and join the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have already purchased in Florida and are standing tall across that river of fear.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Florida Home Finders of Canada of superior product in various price ranges across the State. Whether you are buying for your own personal use, as an income generating property, or a combination of both, FHFC will continue to deliver to Canadians premier communities at great value. Now is the time to be the person who says, "I'm glad I did" as opposed to the person who says "I wish I had."