Fort Myers area; Home Building Lots
Florida Home Building Lots“Buy Land They Ain't Making Any More Of It”…Mark Twain

Amazingly Affordable ¼ Acre Home Building Lots from $13,990

Prices on these building lots were formerly priced up to $90,000!!!

These are developer sell offs at prices up to 85 % off !!!

Florida Home Finders of Canada has negotiated this once in a lifetime price for our clients.


The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In 2005, standard lots sold for $90,000.00, a fresh Water lot sold for $150,000, and a Salt Water Lot sold for $350,000.00. We are currently marketing these standard lots from $13,990.00, Fresh water lots from $23,990.00, and Salt Water lots from $60,000 and up depending on the area. Today, the price of land is at an all-time low. Obviously, once the supply of distressed sellers is depleted, pricing will return to more normalized pricing levels as appreciation begins. Recently foreign investors have entered the market like never before, particularly the Canadians looking for undervalued opportunities in the US.

Quite significantly, the lot cost was the most affected part of a home price. The construction costs have remained somewhat stable since 2007, it is the land price that experienced the majority of the price drop. It will also be the Lot that will gain in value the most as the value of homes corrects. Land is of particularly incredible value at this time.

Fort Myers area

These single family building lots are located in Lee County, Florida on the Southwest side of the State. These lots have great opportunity for appreciation as the housing market improves. You are able to build your dream home whenever you are ready and able to do so. Lee County Florida was selected for this project because it had experienced some of the largest increases in housing/lot prices during the boom period. Cape Coral is, at 120 square miles, the 2nd largest city in Florida by land mass and is one of the largest master-planned communities in the nation with modern infrastructure systems in place. With a regional population of about one million people, Southwest Florida is becoming a significant secondary market. As the largest city in this region, Cape Coral is poised to be a driver for Southwest Florida’s economic growth. Forbes Magazine recently ranked Cape Coral as the 25th Best Place to Retire in the U.S.

There are a limited number of lots which will sell quickly as this is an opportunity of a lifetime that must not be missed.



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