At Florida Home Finders of Canada we have acquired an expertise in Florida since starting this business in1989. FHFC has witnessed many market cycles over the years and has provided knowledge backed advice to the thousands of Canadian clients we have assisted over the years. As you are probably aware, over the past few years FHFC has been telling you that the time has never been better to buy in Florida. Congratulations to the thousands of you who have acted upon this message and bought property in Florida. From our free Florida home buying seminars to our free professional advice from our licensed real estate professionals we hope that you are happy with your purchases. Please advise your friends and family that FHFC is here and will continue to help them find the best deals available in Florida.

FHFC predicted, then later advised Canadians, that the State of Florida will recover quickly once the process begins and now finds itself in year two of it's real estate recovery. The speed of recovery is nothing short of remarkable! Many Canadians worried that market stabilization would be a slow process and that prices would not rise quickly. However, prices across Florida have bounced back anywhere from 20-30% or more depending on location, from the lows of 2009. Sales numbers are incredibly strong as well.Through our numerous contacts in Florida, FHFC continues to find properties that are up to 50% off of their former prices. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find these properties as local buyers are coming back into the market and large investor funds continue buying product at unprecedented rates. Once the inventory is gone, it's gone.

Please view our website's "Properties" category to search the many wonderful communities that we exclusively represent in Canada. For the best of the lowest price properties check out the "Value Properties" section and browse almost a dozen communities still priced under $150,000. Do not wait as the inventory level in all of our communities continues to shrink rapidly and the prices continue to rise. A few examples would be in Orlando starting from the low $70's for fully furnished hotel condos and Ft. Myers low rise condos starting from the mid $80's. These properties are perfect for cash flow if you choose or for just getting away with family or friends for a little while to escape winter. Coming soon will be a new category for brand new Single Family Homes in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area starting at just $200k including an inground pool!

Please note that FHFC offers a Fly & Buy credit on all purchases at all of our communities. The credit varies per community and will help offset the costs for you to visit and view the many property options that FHFC offers to our Canadian buyers. Please note that you must register with us before you travel in order to receive FHFC preferred pricing and Fly & Buy credits.

Florida Home Finders of Canada is excited to bring our popular free seminar series back to Ottawa, Montreal and London during the months of October and November.

Also, during the month of November our seminars will be in the GTA. You can mark your calendars for Nov. 6th and 24th. Stay tuned for announcements coming soon on how to book.

If Florida real estate is in your plans, then you must act fast or you will be disappointed. Hope to see many of you this year!

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. Thank You !

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