Despite the recent Canadian dollar headwinds, the Canadian dollar is still at historically high levels at near parity compared to the mid 2000's when it was at 0.75 CAD/USD. Florida Home Finders of Canada strongly recommends that our clients seriously consider buying U.S. dollars now to ensure that you are ready to buy your dream home in Florida regardless of where the Canadian dollar valuation is at, at any given time. Some currency experts are predicting that the Canadian dollar could slip further in 2014. Buying as much US currency as possible now, will help ensure that you will be in the best position possible to take advantage of the incredible deals still available in Florida. Please keep in mind that although the Canadian Dollar has dropped slightly in recent months, FHFC has many properties still available at up to 60% off of former prices, so you are still way ahead of the game when you purchase at one of our exclusive communities. Don't wait, it is not too late to buy your dream home, vacation home or income generating property in Florida at huge discounts. Let Florida Home Finders of Canada assist you by buying the right way, the Canadian way!

Florida Home Finders of Canada in an effort to save our clients even more money, recommends using Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange ( when you need to purchase US dollars with Canadian dollars and obtain preferred currency exchange rates. Simply put, using them will allow you to get better exchange rates than the banks, and better exchange rates means more savings for you.

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This is a limited time offer. It is free to sign-up and there is no obligation to transact. However, signing up will allow you to obtain the Florida Home Finders of Canada preferred pricing whenever you do purchase US dollars. The currency exchange process is fast and simple and funds can be exchanged with KnightsbridgeFX through any Canadian bank branch in Canada or through the convenience of online banking bill payment with select financial institutions.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. Thank You !

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