At Florida Home Finders of Canada we try very hard to find the best communities at the best possible price for you. FHFC also negotiates on your behalf with Florida developers to reward our clients with added incentives. These incentives can include Canadian Dollars at Par, Special discounts and/or Fly & Buy (FNB) Credits.

Please note that quite often individuals walking into a sales office without an appointment will pay a higher price for their homes because they don't get the special pricing and FNB credits that a client from Florida Home Finders of Canada normally receives.

You would be amazed to learn that foreign home buyers acting alone often pay thousands of dollars more than they could have paid, had they simply been registered with us. That is one of the reasons FHFC save you money! So how do you qualify for the best prices, extra incentives and Fly & Buy credits? It's easy! All you have to do is speak with one of our sales representatives and let them know when you are planning to travel to Florida to visit any of our amazing communities. They will arrange for you to visit with our onsite sales team at the communities of your choice and at a date and time that fits your schedule. They will also register you with the developer to make sure you not only get the red carpet treatment but the discounts and credits you deserve. Not all sales offices are open seven days a week, so it is best to consult with us before planning your trip.

It is still a great time for Canadians to buy in Florida. Whether you are looking for a second home or a cash flow positive income property, let Florida Home Finders of Canada be your connection to the best values in Florida for you. Also, please don't forget that FHFC does not charge a fee for our services!



Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Thank You !

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