Florida Home Finders of Canada has a proud tradition of delivering superior customer service and delivering outstanding value to our clients at no cost to them. FHFC understands the current market place in Florida and it’s affect on Canadian buyers. Here is our outlook for 2015;

Prices have been rising in Florida during the past few years due to inventory constraints and rising demand both internationally and locally. In 2015 Florida should experience more of the same as the real estate market gains strength through local buyers. As credit scores are repaired for those that were affected by the credit squeeze of 2007-2009, more buyers will enter the market to compete for available homes. This year will also continue to see foreign buyers, led by Canadians, buying in communities that were at one time double the price they are now paying. Although the Canadian dollar has slipped somewhat in recent months, that has been offset by the low real estate prices and the fact that financing is now available for Canadians on newly constructed homes.

FHFC recommends buying your new home with local financing at historically low interest rates and the ability to buy your Florida dream home with only 25% down. When the Canadian dollar rises again, you may pay down your mortgage with a higher dollar.  Most mortgages in Florida are fully open and can be paid off without penalty. Feel free to ask us for more details.

Some Canadians who are purchasing now are looking to rent out their property to help carry it and to generate income until such time as they retire and are ready to use their Florida property for their own enjoyment. We coined the term and refer to these clients as Endvestors(R). Many great opportunities still exist for both Endvestors(R) and snowbirds. FHFC has many communities that fit this description in Southern Florida. 

FHFC was recently featured on the Business Network News (BNN) for our views on 2015. Please click here to view this interview. 

Florida Home Finders of Canada - Free Florida Home Buying Seminars will return in mid January. If you haven't been to one, or even if you have, we invite you to come out and learn about the issues that effect Canadians when buying in a foreign country in a relaxed and non selling information session. Click here to search for a seminar location near you.

Let Florida Home Finders of Canada be your first call if you are looking to purchase real estate in Florida. It would be our pleasure to help you capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an amazing property in Florida, in a great location, at prices that have been discounted by up to 50% or more!

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