At Florida Home Finders of Canada we are very aware of the current market conditions for Canadians when it comes to their real estate purchases in Florida. The drop in our dollar relative to the U.S. dollar has been significant recently. This should not stop you from buying your dream home in Florida. Remember, you should be making a real estate decision and not a currency decision. For example, If you wait for our loonie to rise even 0.05 before you buy, but real estate prices go up 10% during that time, which is highly possible, you would be losing out.

There are great ways to reduce the impact of the Canadian dollar on your purchases of real estate. Two examples are;

1. FHFC recommends buying your new home with financing at historically low interest rates and the ability to buy your Florida dream home with only 25% down. When the Canadian dollar rises again, you may pay down your mortgage with a higher dollar. FHFC has partnered with RBC Bank in the U.S. to offer financing for our Canadian clients that purchase new detached homes. Interest rates are very low and these mortgages are fully open, meaning they can be paid off at anytime without penalty. Getting pre-qualified is easy. We suggest doing this before your trip to Florida. That way you're ready to buy when you find the home you like while visiting the communities we recommend for you to see. Feel free to ask us for more details.

2. Use Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange when converting your Canadian dollars to U.S.  Doing so will save you thousands of dollars because Knightsbridge charges much lower fees than the banks when it comes to currency conversion.

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FHFC has added a new Lennar Homes section to our website. Lennar is the second largest home builder of detached homes in the U.S. A new home from Lennar is very affordable with prices in some communities starting in the mid $100’s. Lennar Homes also offer “Everything’s Included”, all the luxury options and upgrades already included in the price of the home, no add ons after closing. All of the homes and condominiums in this section of our website are all financeable through RBC Bank in the U.S. with only 25% down if you have a good credit rating.

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Florida Home Finders of Canada's Free Florida home buying seminars continue in mid February. We have updated the seminars for 2015 so if you haven't attended one, or even if you have,  you owe it to yourself to come out and learn about the many issues that effect Canadians when buying or residing part time in the U.S.  The seminar is presented in a relaxed and non selling information session. Get answers to all of your questions and don’t forget to leave your cheque book at home! 

Let Florida Home Finders of Canada be your first call if you are looking to purchase real estate in Florida. It is still a great time to buy in Florida. Let us help you capitalize on this fantastic opportunity to buy an amazing property in Florida, in a great location, at prices that have been discounted by up to 50% or more!


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