As the premiere real estate brokerage in Canada that sells Florida homes to Canadians, we at Florida Home Finders of Canada have heard many different excuses for not buying in Florida so we decided to put the following list together. The top 5 reasons why people talked themselves out of buying a home in Florida over the past few years and our responses below them.

1. The Oil Spill in the Gulf in 2010.
Yes, the optics looked terrible on t.v. However, once the well was capped, there was an unprecedented buying opportunity for those that listened to us. 

2. The U.S. Fiscal Cliff debates of 2012 and 2014.
You didn’t really think that the U.S. would go bankrupt did you? The only thing that happened was that Florida real estate became more expensive while you waited.

3. Nervous about the stock market and or the economy.
While it’s normal to have trepidation about the future, Florida’s improving economy will not stand still and wait for your decision to buy.

4. Concern over the upcoming election(s).
Again, the world will not end no matter who gets elected. The sun will still shine bright in Florida as it always does.

5. Waiting for the dollar to go up.
Even when the dollar was at par, we heard some people say they wanted it to go higher. We have no control over the dollar. What we have said in the past and continue to say is that you can wait for our dollar to go up, but while you are waiting, real estate prices continue to escalate in Florida so you won’t be any further ahead.

Please keep in mind that Financing on most of the communities we represent is now available through RBC if you have a good credit score. Why put down more than 25% for your property if you don’t have to? The mortgages can be paid off at anytime without penalty and in many cases these homes can be cash flow positive or neutral by placing a yearly tenant, which we can help you with. Please contact us for more details.

Canada’s winters aren’t getting any warmer, despite global warming, and Florida’s winters aren’t getting any colder. So what are you waiting for?

Let Florida Home Finders of Canada be your first call if you are looking to purchase real estate in Florida. It would be our pleasure to help you capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an amazing property in Florida, in a great location, at prices that have been discounted by up to 50% off of former prices.

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