At FHFC, we strive to stay current on all matters concerning Florida. One would have had to live on the moon the past few weeks to not be aware of the storm of the century named Irma. As you are probably aware, Irma landed in the Florida Keys as a category 4 hurricane. Although it was not the strongest hurricane to ever hit Florida, Andrew has that distinction, Irma did do damage to many areas of Florida to varying degrees. 

The state of Florida is led by an amazing governor named Rick Scott. His preparedness for this storm was unparalleled. Within hours after Irma passed, power workers trucks were already on the streets assessing damage, fixing transformers and repairing downed power lines. Please note that at the time of writing this update, there are still hundreds of thousands of households without electricity or running water. However, the state of Florida is comprised of many proud and hard working people who have already begun to clean up the debris and make any necessary repairs to their homes.

FHFC is very proud to say that the communities that we represent have suffered very little damage. The reason is twofold. Firstly, most of the communities that FHFC represents are inland, and as we have said for many years being inland is a good thing as it helps protect from storm surge which causes most of the damage from hurricanes. Secondly, many of the new home communities that FHFC currently sells are built to the most current and stringent building codes that have ever been passed into law. In fact, many of the new homes that FHFC have recently sold only suffered lanai screen damage and the loss of some roof tiles which can easily be repaired.

The sun is once again shining in Florida and is waiting for your arrival.

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