Invest in a Florida Home or Condo and Get Great Value and Quality

Owning a Florida property is the dream of many Canadians, especially if they have young children or are reaching retirement age.  As a vacation or retirement property, investing in a Florida home or condo is one of the best investments you can make.  There is no concern about the falling Canadian dollar, since once it recovers you will pay off your mortgage with a higher dollar.  Our team at Florida Home Finders of Canada (FHFC) can work with you to determine the best type of investment to make and whether you want to purchase for your use now or in the future.  Purchasing at the very low interest rate that is available now is a smart investment, and FHFC has coined these savvy investors Endvestors™”.  FHFC is a full service real estate brokerage firm that finds Florida homes and condos exclusively for our Canadian clients in Toronto and Southern Ontario.  We work with our clients to determine needs, budget and preferences, then set to work to find the Florida home or condo of your dreams!

Our team offers amazing information sessions to teach you about becoming an Endvestor™, about the Florida market, and about the different housing types available. Once you learn about the very real and exciting possibility of Florida home ownership vs. renting, you will be interested in exploring options available to you.  Don’t let the falling dollar worry you; our team has seen the Canadian dollar rise and fall many times over, but the low interest rates and low housing prices will not last. Getting your foot in the door of the Florida market is a great investment for you and a perfect way to spend your family vacations or retirement. If you plan on becoming an Endvestor™, you may choose to buy now for your future use. You can opt to purchase with a tenant in place or rent out the Florida home or condo on your own.  Reap the benefits of being an Endvestor™ today with FHFC!

Florida Home Finders of Canada offers only the best Florida properties to our valued clients. Each property must pass a rigorous inspection and checklist to be included in our listings. We have been serving our valued clients in Toronto and across Southern Ontario since 1989.  Now is the best time to take advantage of FHFC’s ability to source and find beautiful Florida homes or condos to suit your situation.