Purchasing a Florida Home or Condo as an Alternative to Renting

Renting a Florida home or condo is something that many Canadians do for a short winter break.  However, if Canadians knew how affordable Florida homes and condos were, they may take a second look at their current financial strategy.  Real estate is typically one of the best investments you can make and in Florida; it is an even better investment due to the current pricing.  It’s true that the Florida market is on an upswing, but pricing is still affordable and lower than average.  Families who have purchased Florida real estate are at a distinct advantage over those who rent year over year.  At Florida Home Finders of Canada (FHFC), we can show you what is available, present the pros and cons and help you determine the best route in terms of investing for you and your family.  Our expert real estate brokers are specially trained in the Florida real estate market and are eager to pass this knowledge on to you either in a one on one session or through our free information sessions. Being the proud owner of a Florida home or condo is a lasting investment that will benefit you and your family for many years to come.

It is natural to be concerned about purchasing a home or condo outside your own country of residence, but that is where Florida Home Finders of Canada can help.  We exclusively serve our Canadian clients and work with them on every detail to ensure a seamless transition.  We differ from other realtors since we only sell in Florida and only to Canadian clients.  Our expert team know the legal ins and outs of this type of purchase and can guide you to a successful, painless purchase of a beautiful Florida home or condo.  By learning more about the Florida real estate market in one of our free, non-selling information sessions, we give our clients the knowledge to be well-equipped to make the smartest financial decisions for their family.

Families who own a Florida home or condo have much more flexibility in terms of vacation planning.  You can rent your property out for the short term, or you can get a long term tenant until your retirement years. Investing in a Florida home or condo with FHFC is one of the best investments you can make and FHFC is here to help our Canadian clients in Toronto and Southern Ontario make the best decisions possible.  We have been serving our valued customers for over 26 years, helping them find the Florida home of their dreams!