Snap Up a Florida Property at a Price You Will Love – A Cash Flow Positive or Foreclosure Priced Florida Home or Condo Can Be Yours

Who doesn’t dream of owning a Florida property for their retirement or annual family vacation?  Canadians have been travelling south for many years and continue to do so, drawn by the beautiful weather, beaches and sunshine.  Now, add to the list the amazing pricing available on Florida homes and condos.  Florida Home Finders of Canada (FHFC) is a Canadian real estate brokerage firm that helps Canadians purchase the property of their dreams by taking advantage of foreclosure pricing and cash flow positive properties.

Florida Home Finders of Canada finds great properties in excellent communities that are foreclosure priced (we don’t sell properties that are foreclosed on by the bank!)  Each of our listed properties must pass a stringent checklist to ensure our high standards are met and the property is fit to show our valued clients.  FHFC can help you find a home or condo that meets all your requirements, including one with a tenant in place to rent until you are ready to use it.

Still have questions?  Learn more about the Florida real estate market, FHFC and our amazing foreclosure pricing and cash flow positive properties by attending one of our free information seminars.  We believe that informed clients are the best clients and we would like to give you all the information required for you to make the best decision about Florida home ownership.  The Florida real estate market is on an upswing from an all-time low, but pricing is still well below average, so now is the time to find out more.

Florida Home Finders of Canada is a full service real estate brokerage firm specializing in the Florida real estate market.  We are offering great properties in safe, established communities in Florida for prices you will love.  Take advantage of foreclosure pricing now and get the Florida property of your dreams.  We have been serving our valued clients in Toronto and Southern Ontario since 1989.