The Florida Real Estate and Condo Sales Market is Booming

The winter is nearly upon us in Canada, and many people are dreaming of more temperate climates, including the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.  Canadians often travel to Florida to escape the cold and recharge in the warmth.  Since rental properties can be outrageously expensive, why not consider Florida home ownership, either for a vacation home or for your future retirement plans.  At Florida Home Finders of Canada (FHFC), we are a full service real estate brokerage firms that helps our valued Canadian clients find the perfect fit in a Florida home or condo.

Let’s face it, the Florida real estate and condo market is booming, and Canadians are getting in on the action and the great investment that a Florida home or condo can offer.   There is no investment quite like real estate, and whether you are interested in using a Florida property as a vacation home now or investing in it for your retirement, our expert team can help.  By investing now for the future, you are what FHFC terms an Endvestor™.  This is a term coined by FHFC to describe those investors who wisely take the plunge into the Florida market now while prices are low, even though they have no plans to use the property themselves for several (or many) years.  There are options for this type of investment, including purchasing a property with a tenant in place or renting out your Florida home or condo yourself.  Whatever your personal situation, your dream of Florida home ownership can become a reality with Florida Home Finders of  Canada.

At Florida Home Finders of Canada, we have been serving our valued Canadian clients in Toronto and across Southern Ontario since 1989.  To be listed with us, a Florida home and condo must pass a stringent evaluation and inspection to ensure they meet our high quality standards.  If you are considering the freedom of Florida home ownership, contact Florida Home Finders of Canada today – we can help assess your requirements and help you find the Florida home or condo of your dreams.